Thursday, June 8, 2017

Some Warmwater Action and Rivers Update

      I stopped by at one of my neighborhood ponds for a couple mins a two evenings ago to check on the action. Caught a bunch of bluegills on dry flies and managed one largemouth bass sight casting to a nest using a streamer. It's nice to see that the bass are up on the nests finally. I haven't done as much bass fishing as I would have hoped but from what I've heard, its been spotty due to the sudden changes in weather.
Update: I went out to a freestone stream near Durham since I had to run an errand at UNH today. Water is ripping, more so than in the spring! I stuck to chucking streamers on a floating line and was fortunate enough to get one brookie (no pics). I lost a nice one a few seconds after hooking it and missed a couple more strikes. It was tough out there and some areas were downright dangerous to wade but there are still fish to be had. I saw some risers in calm water but didn't figure out what they were rising to since I decided to cover water with streamers. Both rainbows and brookies were jumping clear out of water! I feel I would have been better off with sink-tip or sinking line....

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