Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Quick Trip

     Went out today for a few minutes in the evening. Took the rounds of the area today and saw that the spot that I wanted to fish today was CROWDED. Bummer but oh well, it was a beautiful day and with the quick surge in flows, rivers such as the Lamprey and Cocheco would be harder and more dangerous to fish, so it was partly expected. Luckily, the freestone that I sampled earlier was devoid of cars so Pete and I started there. The fishing was tough today. The flows were up a good amount and the water was frigid. It must have fallen a good 6-8˚F since Friday and with the plentiful tree cover, it didn't warm up very much throughout the course of day. I managed only two fish with many missed takes and a couple of lost fish. The bites were so subtle that the indicator barely twitched forward. In fact, I missed many takes simply due to the fact that I lightly twitched the indicator thinking that I hung up on a small pebble or twig instead of a fish. Hopefully with the warm weather expected this week, the fish should shed their lethargy and go back to feeding more actively. Still, not a bad day to get out.
This fish was camera shy and turned around at the very last minute.

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